Generate super-fast placeholder images in 309+ edge locations, powered by Cloudflare Workers

350x150 placeholder image 200x100 placeholder image 140x100 placeholder image 350x100 placeholder image 1055x100 placeholder image

Information generates custom placeholder images on the fly, such as the examples above. All of these images are generated on Cloudflare's Edge, at 309+ locations, ensuring the best possible performance for all of your users. All images are cached for lengthy periods of time.

Available API Options

Width of generated image. Defaults to 300.
Height of generated image. Defaults to 150.
Text to display on generated image. Defaults to the image dimensions.
Font to use for the text. Defaults to sans-serif.
Font weight to use for the text. Defaults to bold.
Font size to use for the text. Defaults to 20% of the shortest image dimension, rounded down.
Adjustment applied to the dy attribute of the text element to appear vertically centered. Defaults to 35% of the font size.
Background color of the image. Defaults to #ddd
Color of the text. For transparency, use an rgba or hsla value. Defaults to rgba(0,0,0,0.5)
Wrap text to fit within the image (to best ability). Will not alter font size, so especially long strings may still appear outside of the image. Defaults to false

Example URL